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Shipping Policies

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact our team. Otherwise, please review our shipping policies below:

General Shipping Policy
  1. ASAP Express can not deliver to P.O. Boxes. We do provide limited rural service.

  2. ASAP Express will not be liable for service interruptions that are out of our control. These may include but are not limited to: improperly packaged shipments, incorrect shipping information, inability to get consignee signature, refusal of shipments, riots, strikes or labor disputes, natural disasters, and acts of God.

  3. ASAP Express reserves the right to open and inspect any package tendered to it for shipment.

  4. ASAP Express does not provide a protective service for the transportation of perishables requiring protection for heat or cold. Such perishables are shipped at the shipper’s risk for damage.

  5. Items may be taped or strapped together providing that they are of uniform size and each package is correctly labeled.

  6. ASAP Express reserves the right to refuse to provide service for any delivery, package or pallet, to or from any location when ASAP deems that it is unsafe or economically, or impractical to provide service.

  7. Labels should be applied on top of the packages. Packages must contain only one label.

  8. Packaging must protect all sides of the package.

  9. Fragile packages must be labeled accordingly.

  10. Leaking parts, transmissions, gas cans or other materials will not be transported and will have to be picked up by the shipper or consignee at the terminal where the package is located.

  11. The shipper will be held responsible for damage to other packages due to poorly packed or leaking packages.

  12. It is the shipper’s responsibility to ensure that a shipment tendered to ASAP Express does not violate any state, federal or local laws that may apply to the shipment.

  13. The shipper is responsible for meeting all of the requirements for proper packaging, marking, and labeling of hazardous materials tendered to ASAP Express for shipping. Under no circumstances shall ASAP Express be held liable for any special, incidental, or consequential damages arising from the transportation of a hazardous materials shipment.

  14. Flowers shipped with water must be appropriately sealed. Damages incurred by leaking shipments will be the responsibility of the original shipper.

C.O.D. Policy
  1. Each shipment must be labeled with an ASAP Express C.O.D. label. No other label will be accepted. If more than one piece is part of the C.O.D. shipment, the C.O.D. label needs to be attached to only one piece; the total number of pieces in the shipment should be indicated in the appropriate location on the label.

  2. Mark with a check in the appropriate location on the ASAP manifest to indicate the shipment is a C.O.D. shipment.

  3. All freight and C.O.D. charges are prepaid. Charges for this service will be included in the bi-monthly invoices. C.O.D. shipments cannot be sent collect.

  4. Notify your customer that they will be receiving a C.O.D. shipment from ASAP Express. Inform them of the amount, the number of pieces, and the date and time to expect the shipment.

  5. ASAP Express expects your customer to be prepared for our driver when they arrive with the C.O.D. shipment. The driver will wait only 5 minutes to receive the payment. No payment no delivery.

  6. If for some reason we are unable to deliver the C.O.D. shipment on the first attempt, a second attempt will be made. A $10.00 charge will be charged to the shipper for the second attempted delivery. If the second attempt is unsuccessful the shipment will be returned with all applicable charges assessed to the shipper.

  7. C.O.D. checks will be mailed to the shipper within 10 business days.

Freight Damage & Shortage Claim Policy
  1. Verbal notification of shortages or damage must be given within three business days of the date shipped.

  2. ASAP will not pay claims on glass, porcelain, ceramic, used, refurbished, or perishable items.

  3. No claims will be honored if freight is not properly packaged.

  4. No concealed damages will be acknowledged.

  5. No claims on a liquid shipment when contents leak.

  6. All damaged pieces must be inspected by an ASAP Express authorized representative. The damaged piece(s) must be returned for inspection in their original shipping container.

  7. ASAP Express’s maximum liability is $100 per shipment unless the shipper has purchased additional insurance as shown on the declared value portion of the shipping manifest.

  8. When a formal claim form is filed, the shipper must also include the original invoice for the product, a copy of the shipping manifest, and any other paperwork ASAP Express deems necessary to process the claim. All claims must be made by the shipper, not the consignee.

  9. The amount on a claim will not exceed the product's actual worth. If possible, honored damage claims may only cover reasonable costs to repair the product. ASAP Express will not pay incidental costs. This includes but is not limited to freight charges, lost wages, shipping containers, etc.

  10. Claims will not be paid unless all freight bills are paid and the account is current.

  11. Claims will not be paid on automotive-type batteries that are not shipped in a box with protection on all sides and bottom.

  12. Claims will not be paid on any item frozen in transit.

  13. Claims will not be paid on perishable items that are affected by heat, cold, or time.

  14. Claims will not be paid on items that fall out of packages.

Fuel Surcharge

ASAP Express applies a fuel surcharge to our standard delivery rates to help balance the costs of fuel. This fee is based on the average cost of diesel within our service area. The surcharge is calculated on the 1st and 16th of each month.

  • Fuel surcharge as of Jan. 1st, 2024 = 28%

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