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Services & Pricing

ASAP Express is a regional shipping company specializing in next day early morning delivery services. Tuesday through Saturday ASAP Express delivers to nearly one thousand service points throughout Nebraska, Iowa, and portions of Kansas, Missouri, southern South Dakota, Wyoming, and Colorado. Our rates are very competitive. Please call for a quote.

Next Day, Early Morning Delivery

ASAP Express is the only freight company in the Midwest that offers early morning delivery services at the rates we provide. 80% of our freight is delivered before 8:00 am with the remainder typically being delivered by 10:00 am. The only exception is the furthest reaching locations which are typically delivered by noon.

On-Call, Same-Day Pickups

By combining on-call, same-day pickups with next day, early morning delivery, ASAP Express is able to offer business critical delivery services to all Midwestern regions that it serves. 

Free Delivery Tracking

ASAP Express offers an online ordering and delivery tracking system at no extra charge. This web-based service provides instant pricing, label creation, and robust tracking and reporting capabilities. It takes approximately 30 minutes to set up, including customer staff training!

Zones & Pricing

Please feel free to contact Customer Service at (800) 624-1497 to request a quote. Please be prepared to provide the weight and dimensions of each package in the shipment, the origin and destination locations. You may also download our location, zones, and pricing information below:


Questions? Give us a call


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